Speciality Suspension 6" Seamless Aluminum Air Tank


Specialty Suspension haves revolutionized welded air tank construction of seamless aluminum air tanks. They have adapted a new style of technology to create a non-welded tank. The metal spinning process has allowed Specialty Suspension to manufacture these tanks from a single piece of extruded aluminum tube. The technique of closing both ends of the tube using the base material creates a true seamless tank. The Flow Forming Technology used the port holes reforms the base metal inward into the tank giving a superior surface area for threading. Standard mounting hardware gives the consumer a limitless range of mounting positions and angles to accommodate most mounting situations.
We are proud to offer a great product designed, manufactured and built by Specialty Suspension in Fresno, California, USA.

  • One Piece Spun Aluminum
  • Flow Formed Threads
  • Grained Finish
  • No Welds / No Leaks
  • Slim Profile Adjustable Mounting Brackets Included

Specialty Suspension is using a flow forming process where the base metal is friction heated and formed to the exact size for threading. Then a roll form tap is used to insert the threads. This process does not remove any material it simply reforms the metal allowing more surface area for the threading process.


- 6.625" Diameter Tank
- 5 x 1/4" Ports
- 200 PSI Rated



Vehicle Fitment: