Air Lift B5 Passat (Front Only) Performance Series

SKU: 75555

Audi stunned the world with its launch of the A4…and we want to stun you with the great new stance and incredible performance your car can have with our Performance Air Suspension kit!

As the leader in air suspension for VAG vehicles, we know what you are looking for: show-stopping drop, comfortable ride, and maximum handling. The problem is, you can’t have all of those with a coilover suspension! That’s where air suspension shines, giving you the benefits of a lowered ride without the compromises.

All great products need a good foundation to build on. The B5 kit utilizes an industry first: a 30-way adjustable, monotube shock as the building block for the finest air suspension. These high-performance shocks dissipate heat faster than twin tube shocks, and provide more consistent damping during hard driving or bumpy road conditions. They also provide a significant range of damping within the adjustments so you can always find the sweet spot for your tastes. No bouncy rides here. Another great feature is the adjustable lower perches that allow ride height to be changed—independently from pressure—further increasing the flexibility of these kits. You can dial in the preferred pressure, ride height, and damping combination for fantastic ride or maximum handling, and even adjust to different vehicle weight combinations. They look great too, with bright red anodized accents and shiny black chrome coating to protect them for years to come. No one else in the world of air suspension has all these features!

Air Lift has a great history of engineering suspensions that lower cars to the ground, and this latest offering is no exception. The front kit features a serious 3.9” drop from stock height using double bellows air springs over the gorgeous new shocks. The rear kit features an incredible 5” drop and uses a double bellows spring with a separate shock. These drops are not limited by the shocks—in the case of chassis modifications, which are done to go even lower (over 5” drop possible in front)…and we know some of you will go that route.


Front Kit
133mm/5.2" Drop
30-Level Adjustable Damping
Threaded, Adjustable Lower Shock Mounts
High Quality Spherical Ball Upper Mounts
High Performance Monotube Shocks
Double Bellows Progressive Rate Springs
Braided Stainless Steel Leader Air Hoses


B5 / PL45 Quattro/4 Motion F&R (Front only for FWD)
Audi A4 (Typ 8D, 1994–2002)
Audi S4 (Typ 8D, 1997–2002)
Volkswagen Passat B5 (Typ 3B, 1996–2001)FRONT ONLY
Audi RS4 Avant (Typ 8D, 2000–2001)
Volkswagen Passat B5.5 (Typ 3BG, 2001–2005)FRONT ONLY

Modifications Req. Front: Drill 3/8” hole for damping adjustment. Other modifications required for maximum drop
Modifications Req. Rear: Trim coil spring seat 1/4″

Vehicle Fitment: