Maintenance and Repair

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We specialize in quality repairs and proper factory quality maintenance of your vehicle. Whether you drive a fully customized show car or a commuter that has never seen the car wash, we are your one stop shop for all maintenance and repairs. From a proper diagnosis to replacing every trim piece, your car will be pampered. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your car on the road longer and we are here to help you stay on top of it with thorough inspections and detailed service work you will be able to minimize and even possibly eliminate unexpected breakdowns, all while improving the safety of your vehicle. All repairs are done with OEM quality or better parts to ensure your car is as good as new.

Why is maintenance important?
Failures and breakdowns can be dangerous and unpredictable causing unsafe driving conditions as well as costly damage that could have been otherwise avoided. To add to the situation, when your car breaks down unexpectedly it puts a wrench in your mobility and schedule. Regular maintenance can help you avoid these issues.

Why are OEM or better parts important?
Sub-par parts can fail prematurely or even not perform correctly, possibly causing damage to related components costing you 10 times more money to repair when you could have just paid for a better quality part in the first place.